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  • 2015-


    I work as a Design Researcher in Designit and help public and private organisations to understand their customers through qualitative research methods in order for them to achieve business goals.

    I map out customer journeys (as-is and to-be), identify pains and opportunities and deliver insight reports that form the foundation of new solutions which are made concrete by concept sketches or scenarios.

    Further I facilitate ideation and co-creation processes with the use of graphic facilitation which engages and involves customers, end-users and Designit colleagues.

  • 2014-

    Sara Engvild

    I work as a graphic facilitator and external consultant for both public and private organisations.

    I have worked for the Municipality of Vallensbæk (south of Copenhagen). As part of a larger empowerment project in the job centers the Municipality of Vallenbæk needed help with the design of a co-creation process with its citizens.

    I supported the process using graphic facilitation and graphic recording, which made citizen’s words come to life – it made them feel heard and seen in their challenges regarding their job search.

  • 2014


    As Researcher and Visual Strategist in Celuma, I helped public organisations with user-centered solutions through qualitative research and graphic facilitation.

    One of the projects was for The Danish Agency of Digitisation which faced the challenge that the Danish public mail delivery solution (Digital Post) was soon to be outdated compared to market and millenials' expectations for ease of use and personalized services.

    I contributed to a market and trend analysis and designed ideation and co-creation processes for the project which were supported visually by graphic facilitation.

    The result of the project were three visualized solution scenarios that were presented to the Executive Board along with an insights report that have created the foundation of the future of the Danish public mail delivery solution (Digital Post).

  • 2014


    INITIATIVES was a steep learning curve for me, dealing with new and exciting tasks. It involved analysis and visualisation of IT and business processes and visualisation of organisational design and strategies. I also got hands-on experience with production and project management of a stop-motion film. The journey at INITIATIVES has been educational, challenging and exhilarating.

  • 2012-2014


    At KPMG I worked in the Strategic Visualisation division. During my time there I learned three main things: better strategic visualisation skills, stronger understanding of the consultancy industry, and obtained an understanding of the workflow of a large international organisation. I also learned that there is still so much more to learn.

  • 2010–2014

    Roskilde University

    I hold a Master of Arts in Communication Studies with specialisation in Communication and Educational Studies, and spent one semester focused on Cultural Encounters. My attention has mainly been on improving my skills in anthropological methods and my thesis is based on such empirical data. The thesis explores dialogue and power of visually facilitated practices.

  • 2012

    Resonans Kommunikation

    I worked as communication consultant at Resonans Kommunikation, a management consultancy that deals with internal organisational communication and change management. In close collaboration with the two partners I learned to operate within business and change communication, and was given freedom to lead own ideas and projects. I worked long hours because I felt passionate about the work I was doing, and my professional confidence got jolted upwards.

  • 2007-2010

    Copenhagen Business School

    I hold a bachelor degree in Spanish and Communication. My attention and time was spent with Strategic Communications, Inter-culturality and Communications, Organisation and External Environment, and Rhetoric and Communication Theory. My bachelor thesis explored management culture and its impact on the internal corporate culture within social entrepreneurship.

  • 2006-2012


    For almost six years I worked at the restaurant Sticks’n’Sushi in the heart of Copenhagen. There was a great team spirit mixed with a diversity of all sorts of nationalities and personalities. Delivering great service was imperative for our team, and we helped each other in giving our guests a good experience while having fun. To this day, the people and company culture at Sticks’n’Sushi holds a special place in my heart.


Sara Engvild

34 years

+45 26722861


Design Researcher

I work as a Design Researcher and help both public and private organisations to understand their users / customers through qualitative research methods.

In the research phase I have a particular focus on identifying pains and opportunities to create new solutions. I support the research with visual conceptual scenarios or prototypes, which makes it easier for users to give feedback on initial ideas that are either further developed or trashed altogether – because of the feedback. It ensures user involvement throughout the design process.

I also work within Service Design, where I map out current (as-is) and future (to-be) customer journeys and experience roadmaps. My hand-drawn visualisations engage relevant stakeholders in the process because of the human-centered feel to the drawings. Further it makes it easy for the stakeholders to use the journeys as a strategic tool within the organisation in their daily work.

I am a strong facilitator in ideation and co-creation processes and I always support my work by the use of graphic facilitation - hand-drawn visual elements - that engage, clarify and humanize communication.


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